K-Touch+ & Kaliva Stick


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K Touch + available in 20ml Pocket Sized Spray and Foaming bottle (50ml & 200ml)
A non-toxic alcohol free hand hygiene spray which offers protection against viruses, bacteria and germs (including Coronavirus, Ebola, Norovirus and Influenza) for up to six hours. This product should be applied to hands at the start of the game to offer all players protection against spreading/catching Coronavirus in particular. It has been dermatologically tested by accredited institutes and fulfills the European norms for bactericidal and virucidal efficacy including EN 14476, EN1499 and EN1276.

● The Hygienic Way to Shine the Cricket Ball Practice Session to the make return of ball safer for all Cricket that wil be Played
● Eliminates Bacteria and Viruses being Transmitted via the Cricket Ball
● Application will give very similar results to Saliva or sweat. KALIVA will help clean the ball but shine can only be achieved by rubbing the ball on your trousers in the same way you would normally.
● Simply rub 2 to 3 strokes on your fingers tips then apply Kaliva to the cricket ball and shine.
● Each Kaliva stick will help shine 500 cricket balls (approximately).
● When used in conjunction with Ktouch+ hygiene products, the transmission of bacteria and viruses via the cricket ball is eliminated.

Medical Information
● Dermatologically tested “very good“ – Virucidal activity according to EN 14476, EN1499 and EN1276 passed.
● Remanence time / Effect time 4 to 6 hours.
● Effective against bacteria and viruses like Coronavirus, Noro Virus, influenza.
● As K Touch+ is alcohol free it can be safely be used by all religious/age groups


Club Kit includes

3 x 200ml Bottle

2 x Kaliva Stick

2 x 50ml Bottle

2 x 20ml Bottle


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