S/Wave 300 BPad

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For batting pads, it is crucial that protection and comfort be on point. For the Shockwave, there are no concerns in this area. Firstly, high density and cane rod protection at the front of the pad give fantastic protection, with no compromise on the weight of the product.

The Shockwave 300 features a fantastic ¾ length diffuser foam wing, a brilliant addition that offers excellent protection in an area at the side of the leg that can often be left exposed.

Alongside this is the Poly-armour knee, which promises to give batsmen the flexibility they need to excel in the modern game – dropping to one knee, crouching to ramp or reverse sweeping medium pacers.

Your comfort is of utmost importance, and while Shockwave might have been designed with T20 in mind, it’s essential that the leg guards stand up to the rigours of the longer form of the game too. Our diffuser foam instep will ensure your ankle, shin and foot remain supported and in comfort however long your innings lasts.

Your pads are on. You are ready to battle with the best the opposition can throw at you. Now it’s time to show them what you’ve got with Shockwave.


  • High-density foam and cane rod bolsters for excellent protection and lightweight performance.
  • Poly-armour knee, offering fantastic flexibility for modern players.
  • ¾ length high-density foam wing for added protection on the side of the leg
  • Diffuser foam instep, adding comfort and protection around the foot area.
  • Designed and tested by Gray-Nicolls in-house product development team



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